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We are located at:

8, Fletchers Walk
Paradise Place
B3 3HJ
(in the middle of town - next to The Town Hall)



Store Hours

Monday - Saturday:

10:00 - 18:00


Closed all day


The Birmingham Armoury is the City Centre outlet for Tenbury Guns Limited - the Worcestershire-based retailer and importer of all types of shooting equipment from exotic Anschutz 2018 rifles to simple felt wads for reloading shotgun cartridges.

Our aim is to provide an in-depth service to all our customers, but across a broad range of products.

We hope you will come and visit our store in Birmingham and see what we have here.

New Deactivated & Replica Kit just arrived in The Shop

We have just taken delivery of the following into The Shop:

  • Wehrmacht K98 (WWII originals with Wehrmacht stamps)
  • Lee Enfield SMLE (beautiful)
  • Lots of German and Russian hand grenades (both deactivated and replicas)
  • Sterling SMG (with moving action)
  • Sten Mk II (with moving action)
  • WWII P08 Luger
  • British SLR L1A1 (with moving action)
  • Russian AK47 (with moving action)
  • Training model RPG75 (unissued - brand new)
  • and lots more ...

We are definitely going to develop this part of our business to make available to our customers kit which at the moment seems unavailable to them.

We have the new ISSC .22LR FN SCAR-alike rifle in stock in Birmingham in our Sports Tactical Section. 

This rifle is available in both black and 'desert' finish and comes with a fixed stock to make it ok for the UK shooter.

Come and compare this new-comer with the other players in this sector such as the SIG  Sauer 522; the Colt/Walther M4 & M16; the Umarex H&K 416 & MP5 and the GSG guns MP5 & AK47. We have them all in stock for you to judge the best.

ISSC Mk22 black L
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Death Valley Opens!

The Birmingham Armoury has been working on developing several new services and products for our customers during 2012 and can now announce them to the world. We will be launching several new Events such as the Airsoft Experience and the Corporate Experience building on the huge success of Jack Weston's Big Day Out themed days. These can be viewed via the 'Events' Option on the top menu. The full schedule of events will be listed on the About The Events page.


The first of these is the "Death Valley" site in Tenbury Wells, offering several of the Events during 2013. The next one is an 

Airsoft Event

taking place on 

Sunday 17th August 2013.

We have the press coming and once again we will have film producers there - so if you want a personal momento of the day. let us know.


To book your place at the launch day - please go to the Bookings page. Or book through the forums on the UK Airsoft Zone below.

Other News

News from TV land

"Doctor, help me... I'm dying... I need help ... OOOOhhh! is that an ASG B&T MP5 from the Birmingham Armoury?   Argh, sorry darling director - but those boys at the Armoury know how to ... yes, some other time then... bye!"

Well - you can't blame the actor for being dazzled by that MP5, it is great!

Just in case you don't know - we are supplying armooury services for a new series of 


from the BBC. When we know which episodes - you will be the first to know.

News from Film land

You might not be aware of it, but we supply the Film and TV industry with weaponry and clothing. Below are a couple of trailers for a great new film coming out for which we have supplied the weaponry and sniper kit.

Do go watch the film next year and then come along and see the kit that looks sooooooo great in it.




News from Jack!

Big Day Out II

We did it! 


Again, the staff and customers were blowing holes in the Malvern countryside with obscene amounts of weaponry, and the sound of fully automatic gunfire set the backdrop for what turned out to be a fantastic, if not very wet day.

Usual thanks go out to my staff, my friends, and all of our customers for making it happen. Yes, we all got drenched , but we all had fun, and everybody tried something new - and that is what it was all about. Events included:

  • Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Archery
  • X-Bows
  • Axe Throwing
  • Knife Throwing
  • Lots of re-active targets
  • Getting Wet

Needless to say, Big Day Out III will be soon on the horizon, so if YOU want a day out with the lads from The Birmingham Armoury - come and see us soon,

Big Day Out II on The AirgunGear Show 

For those that couldn't make it - here is the link to the YouTube site for The Airgun Gear Show.

Some of our products ...

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